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6 tricks to make your kitchen look bigger

A typically small kitchen in your urban quarters does not need to be a dampener on your gourmet spirit. Put the fun right back into cooking with these creative ideas which will make your kitchen look bigger and beautiful. Follow these tips mentioned below to know more.

Opt for the color white
Use this color to create an expansive feel even in the smallest of spaces. It’s a classic shade that’s never out of style and makes the kitchen look great as well. You can mix in metallic and wooden touches in your kitchen to complete the entire look.

Try shallow cabinets
If you thought kitchen cabinets come only in a certain size, then you need to have a quick chat with your nearest modular kitchen essentials supplier. Choose the size of your kitchen cabinets based on the size of your kitchen. So, that there is a proportionate look in the space, which will also make it look spacious. Cabinets that are too bulky make a small kitchen look even smaller.

Say no to a double sink
Almost all households have a double sink in their kitchens. However, if your kitchen feels tiny and less spacious, you may want to install a single big sink to make the space look large.

Add a mirror
Placing a mirror on one of the kitchen walls can create an illusion of depth and make your kitchen appear larger. Try and use a tinted glass on the cabinet doors for subtle reflections.

Go for glass door cabinets
Not only do these cabinets put your beautiful looking utensils on display but also they are a great way of creating more depth in the kitchen.

Install bright light
Lightings near your kitchen cabinet or overhead LEDs can also make the kitchen look bigger. If you go for a dim or diffused lighting, it can cause the kitchen to look compact.

Get smart and innovative with these design ideas to make your small kitchen look bigger than it is.

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