Understanding the common types of loans

In essence, loans may be in the form of money or any collaterals that one party, typically a moneylender or a financial institution, provides to another with the trust that they will be repaid the value of the loan along with interest and other costs. Governments, businesses, and individuals may also provide loans. They may either be given or taken as a one-time transaction or may be paid in installments over a period of time.

Mortgages are extremely common in the country. It is a specialized loan that may be used to buy properties. In loan agreements, the moneylender will clearly specify his or her requirements of a collateral, which is an asset or property that the borrower offers the lender as security to receive the loan. There are mandates such as the highest interest amount for a loan and the length of time which need to be considered when signing a loan agreement.

Loans are an integral part of the monetary policy of an economy since they ensure a steady flow of money supply in the country. They act as an incentive for businesses to open and flourish and are a source of revenue for credit card companies.

To apply for loans, you must understand the two common types of loans that are available in the market:

Advance in cash
Generally, these tend to be short-term loans that are provided by credit card companies. Usually, they are of relatively smaller amounts. Even advances for an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax refund could be an example of this since it is dependent on the customer’s future income.

Personal loans
These tend to be in the highest demand since they cover most types of expenses, may be of any amount, usually take few days to be approved, and require few income documents for an agreement of a small size to be signed.

Although these kinds of loans tend to be unsecured, which means that high-interest rates may be charged and there is no collateral attached to it, they are the best options for many who need smaller amounts of money and may pay them in the stipulated time period. An alternate source of personal loans is credit cards, which is also common since it is the quickest way to get money to spend and there is plenty of time to pay it back to the bank with certain interest.

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