Two of the Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2018

For some people, pets are an invaluable part of their lives. So, spending on a pet insurance policy premium not just mandatory, but it is non-negotiable too. Pet insurance covers accidents or injuries, illnesses, genetic conditions, as well as emergency care and treatment for your pets. If you pay an additional premium, it also includes routine care for their overall wellness. However, as roughly 68% of the American population owns different kinds of pets, the market for pet insurance is crowded with many players who offer similar types of policies. It is normal to be confused in such a situation. To clear your confusion, here are two of the best pet insurance companies of 2018 that you can consider.

With no caps on payouts, this pet insurance company ensures that the best quality of treatment options are available for your cherished pets in an accident, emergency, or when a sudden health condition crops up. They are appreciated for providing the best customer service in the pet insurance industry, and they have annual deductible levels varying between $100, $250, $500 or $750. The friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff at Healthy Paws help passionate pet owners manage their insurance claims online as well. Quick responses to requests for clarifications, prompt processing of claims, and reimbursement of payments based on the actual veterinary bill, all done with the utmost care and concern for your pets makes Healthy Paws an outstanding pet insurance company.

Figo Pet Insurance is a relatively new player in the pet insurance market. It takes the second spot in our list of the best pet insurance companies of 2018. They provide providing extensive coverage that includes examination costs related to accidents or illnesses. Their insurance packages also waive copays and deductibles for lifesaving care in an emergency situation. Figo Pet Insurance is well known for their quick repayment of expenses as well as the short waiting periods before the insurance coverage starts. Figo deserves the credit for being the first in the pet insurance industry to provide quick access to medical records with the Pet Cloud option.

Fish, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, hamsters, and reptiles, whatever species of pets you own, ensure that you have pet insurance coverage for them. If you have a good pet insurance plan, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your beloved pets are well protected at all times.

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