Top tips to maintain a wooden fireplace

A wooden fireplace is all one can ask for to stay warm and cozy. However, just like any other part of the house, your heating system needs maintenance too. For instance, if the chimney connecting to the device is blocked by debris, it can have a detrimental effect not only on the temperature of the house but also on the health of the homeowners.

There are numerous tips that can help the fire place to burn with maximum efficiency. Some of them are mentioned below.

Inspection of the chimney
The chimney is made from steel and has to be cleaned regularly. It should be 12 inches high and any error in configuration needs to be rectified. In addition, wear and tear are of the bricks have to be monitored regularly so that it works with greater efficiency.

In case of worn out bricks, replace them with high quality cement bricks to withstand the rising temperature.

Preparation for cleaning
Before cleaning, you should always put on the respirator because the ensuing particles can pollute the air in the vicinity. Due to the deposition of combustible material in the chimney, it is important to take utmost care in its complete removal. In order to maintain the whole system, one should also chisel out the defective mortar in the heater.

Removal of the combustible matter is essential because prevents the threat of fire in the house. After removing the residual ashes, you should always spray them on the flower beds to increase the fertility of the soil. In short, every ounce of waste from the heating system can be utilized for the benefit of nature.

Cleaning the wall
In order to clean the wall, you can use powerful vacuum cleaner as it utilizes the high pressure air to accomplish the task. Manually, one may have to scratch the wall that would damage the fireplace, therefore state of art tools are used to make the job easier.

Installation of the chimney cap is an important step to ensure seamless flow of hot air during winter season. It is a vital covering that prevents debris from entering into the chimney.

Call qualified support
If you are looking to enhance the working of the fireplace, it is vital to call for qualified customer care support. The individual should be a master technician with sufficient years of experience. In addition, you can also ask for his license and insurance so that you do not have to pay compensation for the injuries.

Adhere to safety guidelines
Users need to be vigilant about the deposition of the dust particles inside the chimney. Strict monitoring mechanism goes a long way in making the heating system more efficient over a period of time.

If the debris is not removed within the specified time period, acid from the residual material could spell doom for the fireplace. As far as cleaning is concerned, it should be completed by the start of the winter season because in November and December months, the chill can set in quickly.

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