Top 3 Cheap Laptop Deals For Consumers

On the hunt for a cheap laptop? It can be a hassle as the range and options to choose from are vast. Buying the best laptops for low prices doesn’t mean you will compromise on quality.

You can get discounts on laptops if you know where to look. You can get a laptop cheap by finding a laptop sale online. Often these can include refurbished laptops, an option worth considering. When comparing the laptops and prices, look at how long they’ve been used (if you’re buying used or second-hand). Otherwise, check whether the dealer offers replacement warranty or is willing to repair or replace parts if the laptop stops working.

Here are three of the top laptop discount deals you can find in the market.

Dell Inspiron 11 Celeron Dual 12 Laptop: Dell Home offers a member purchase program where you can find refurbished deals or look for a cheap laptop. It currently features the Dell Inspiron 11 Celeron Dual 12 laptop in its lineup of stellar deals. The laptop has a 11.6-inch screen display. You get a killer Intel i5 Celeron processor which is dual core and can run most advanced tasks ranging from multitasking to mid-range to high-end gaming. It comes in the Bali blue color and costs only $178, with free shipping included. The best part about this deal is that you even get a backlit keyboard and a 32GB flash storage.

Open-Box Dell SkyLake i7 16 4K Laptop: If you’d like to buy from eBay, know that the seller eTechGalaxy offers the Open-Box Dell SkyLake laptop for only $660. It includes free shipping and the laptop has a 4k display resolution. The screen size is 15.6-inch and its Intel core SkyLake i7 processor clocks at 2.5 Ghz which is quick. The best part about this deal is that the laptop on offer is a 2-in-1 convertible laptop. You can turn it into a tablet and use its touch-screen interface, or reset it back to its traditional keyboard layout. Since it’s an open-box deal, you get low prices, however cost can drop further depending on the dealer and laptop condition.

Dell Inspiron AMD A12 15.6-inch Laptop: Ever thought you could get a Dell Inspiron AMD A12 15.6-inch laptop which clocks in at 1.8GHz for just $399? Neither did we, however, we were proved wrong by Walmart! This 5.1lb weight laptop is available for just a fraction of the market price. It includes free shipping and the laptop comes with 8GB of RAM, a 1080p touchscreen interface, 1TB hard drive, and a DVD burner. You can stream videos online, play high-end games, or watch the latest blockbuster in HD resolution with this killer device. It comes with Windows 10 Home 64-bit and with a 3-cell battery.

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