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Top 3 Cell Phone Plans of 2018

Today, we have an endless list of good cell phone plans that comprise of everything from unlimited data plans to budget calling plans. Moreover, if you need a plan that suits your needs, you can easily shop for cell phone plans that will be customized just for your use.

Selecting the right plan involves understanding how much data and talk time you need every month, along with knowing whether the service provider has good coverage in your area. You should compare some of the best cell phone plans offered by popular mobile carriers. Following are some of the best mobile plans from the top wireless carriers in the country.

T-Mobile – ONE™
T-Mobile’s ONE™ plan is a good option for individuals who make heavy data usage. This plan starts at a price of around $140 for a family of four, or you can also choose a single connection plan for $35 approximately. If you shop for this cell phone plan, you will receive unlimited data for every connection along with 10 GB of 4G LTE data. You can also enjoy HD streaming at 420p and upgrade it to 1080p by paying an upfront charge. The ‘One’ plan also comes with a free subscription of Netflix, and you get unlimited international calls to 70+ countries as well.

Sprint – Unlimited Plus
Sprint’s Unlimited Plus plan is one of the most cost-effective cell phone plans available. With this plan, the company offers unlimited calling, data, and texting in the country as well as in Canada and Mexico at a price of around $70. If you are planning to travel abroad, then you will get a 2G data speed in almost 180 countries, and calls will cost as little as 20 cents per minute with this plan. Sprint also offers 10 GB of LTE mobile hotspot data within the country. Additionally, there are exciting plans like Galaxy Forever and iPhone Forever, where you can get a cell phone from the said brand on payment of 12 installments.

MetroPCS offers many plans that are perfect for individuals as well as families. This company’s plans start at around $30. You can also shop for a cell phone plan that costs $40, and lets you enjoy 5GB of LTE data plan, which means 8 hours of streaming videos or 300 hours of social media usage. This plan can be topped up by USD 10 to get unlimited LTE data. If you’ve carried out a comparison of different cell phone plans, then you probably know that Metro PCS is one of the best prepaid carriers in the country. With this brand, you can shop for cell phone plans that will allow you to make the most of your phone usage.

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