Use these measures to protect yourself from pollen allergy

Pollen allergies are caused due to unclean and damp surroundings, change in weather and unhygienic personal practices. Here are a couple of pollen allergy remedies to combat pollen allergy:

  • Make sure that you suffer from allergic symptoms and not any other disease.
    If you have a cold that exacerbates when you spend time outdoors, you may have an allergy. A runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion that happens after a walk or jogs outdoors, without any fever or flu, are all signs of allergy and not a virus. Make sure you know what you seek medication for.
  • Look for medical options
    There is a range of pollen allergy remedies. You can use decongestants, antihistamines, and other medications that are available over the counter. You may want to check which medicines subside your allergies against pollen and dust. Consult a doctor if your allergy is chronic.
  • Change workout timings and location
    Early mornings and midday are timings when the air has a high pollen count. You can either change your workout timings to evenings or take your workout indoors if you suffer from pollen allergy.
  • Protect yourself
    Wear gloves and masks if you are working outdoors in your lawn or other places that may have a high pollen count. Do not step out of the house without a hat and sunglasses, as they will protect you from any allergic reactions to pollen and dust.
  • Clean your home ventilation
    If you are allergic to pollen, keep your windows shut to avoid any allergic symptoms. If your potential source of allergy originates indoors, make sure you ventilate your homes regularly. Keep air-conditioning shafts, window vents, etc. clean. Keeping the corners of your house clean ensures a pollen-free atmosphere and zero allergies.
  • Pay attention to your diet
    Make sure you know the food items that exacerbate pollen allergy. Consult your doctor or a dietician, who will guide which foods you should include in your diet to inhibit pollen allergies, and which foods you should avoid.
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