Tips to put your 12 foot pre-lit Christmas garland around the house

Christmas garlands are an absolute must for the holiday decorations, and nothing better if they are of the pre-lit variety. The elegant long trails make up for much of the indoor adornments, and they look totally stunning and gorgeous anywhere you wrap them. The longer they are, the more beautiful they look.

Here are some ideas where you can put the 12 foot long pre-lit Christmas garlands in your home:

Wrapping long Christmas garlands along the mantelpiece and giving your fireplace the most elegant look is a long-nurtured tradition of the festival. Pre-lit garlands should be no exception. You can drape your 12 foot pre-lit Christmas garland on your mantel to give your hearth a welcome makeover.

Staircase banister
You can also twist the 12 foot pre-lit Christmas garland around your staircase banister inside the house or from the lawn up to your front door. Give your way up and down the stairs a dreamy look with all the pretty adornments of Christmas garlands.

Curtains are a bit uncommon place to wrap your Christmas garlands around, but if you have elegant and sophisticated ones which call for some attention, do not hesitate to do it. The muted shades of the window curtains will be contrasted well against the bright presence of the long Christmas garland trails.

Window sills
Though primarily a place for rope lights and string lights, you can make a place for long garlands for Christmas on your window sills and grills. The windows need to be big and spacious for proper display of the garland, but if your house windows allow it, try and experiment in Christmas decorations.

Front door frame
Garlands can be basically put up anywhere as long as they look nice where they are being put up. Frame your front door with a long 12 foot pre-lit Christmas garland to give our guests an ideal welcome. It will give your entrance a wild yet cozy, perfect Christmas-y look for the best night of the year. You can match the garland with the wreath on the front door, or you can go individually with each of them. Nevertheless, do not miss the chance of bedecking your main door with the sheer elegance of Christmas garlands.

You will get different designs of Christmas garlands for sale during the Black Friday market from right after Thanksgiving till New Year. Choose the best one that suits your interior as well as the other plans you have for your Christmas decorations and do not hesitate to be a bit creative with them. They look lovely anyway, just quirk it up a little bit to create good vibes.

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