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The best choice between a curved and flat TV

TVs are always advancing in this demanding world for new design and new standards. There has been a tendency of TVs having a gentle curve to their screens. But the big question is whether curved TVs are better than flat screen TVs? Some of the leading companies today are manufacturing the best curved TV. The market is flooded with too many options, and it can make you profoundly confused. Here, we have discussed a few aspects that may help you take an informed decision. There are many curved tv deals available on the market for you. If you want to buy curved tv, you need to look for some curved tv offers to be able to find the best curved tv discounts. Do a lot of curved tv comparison while you’re at a curved tv sale. Remember to read a lot of curved tv reviews.You can check for the pros and cons of both flat as well as curved TV and then buy the best curved TV.

  • Aesthetic
    This is one of the most important aspects. Which looks better- a flat TV or a curved TV? While this is not one of the best measures to decide whether or not to buy the best curved TV, it is still a fair assessment. Curved TVs have a slight edge over flat TVs regarding aesthetics. They do look better than flat TVs. One of the best curved TV is LG’s OLED 4K TV or LG G6. The latter is wonderfully thin, sleek and elegant to look at.
  • Immersiveness
    This is perhaps one of the most debatable parameters as most of the curved TVs today use immersiveness to justify their design and price. According to this argument, the gentle curve of the screen offers a better level of immersiveness to its viewers. Immersiveness combined with the high resolution, and high contrast creates a greater depth and better effect in general. Commercial theatres too have been using curved screens for years to create the much-needed depth and immersion for the audience.
  • Viewing angle
    The best curved TV design will make sure that it fits the entire audience inside the TV’s ideal viewing angle. This is, however, true for gigantic TV screens of commercial theatres. Practically, the normal household 4K TV having a curvature of 55 to 70 inch reduces the ideal viewing area to just 35 degrees off from center to either side. It means that if a person is not sitting within less than 35 degrees to either side of the front screen, he could see the foreshortening of the images on the screen. In fact, the viewing space and angles of a curved TV may be much smaller than a flat TV screen! This can be annoying as it can strain the eyes. A good example of a TV that is least affected by off-angle viewing is LG’s OLED models.
  • Distortion and Reflection
    Reflection has more to do with the effect due to the level of the gloss than the curvature of the TV. The best curved TV is having good brightness, contrast and color vibrancy won’t be affected much. However, whatever reflection is seen in a curved TV will appear to be more stretched in a flat TV. It will thus take up more display space and block out slightly more from the view.
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