Some Useful Car Care Tips

Your car is one of the most useful possessions in your life. Whether it is a luxury model or a regular one, it can make your life a comfortable one by helping you travel far and wide at your own will. Yet, just refueling the car and driving it to your preferred destination is not enough. You should also be careful about the maintenance of the vehicle in order to keep it functional for a long time. Getting the vehicle checked by a mechanic is not enough. Drivers should also learn some basic car care tips to make it last longer. If you are a new car owner, you can check out a few factors about car care listed below and drive your vehicle for years.

  • Engine oil is important
    Even though most of the car owners want to ensure smooth functioning of their car engines, there are very few, who actually know how to keep the engine running smoothly. If you do not want to take any risk with the engine, you should make sure to get the engine oil checked regularly. Every car is different and so are their requirements. That is why, it is always better to check the user manual to know when the engine oil is to be replaced. However, if you cannot find the manual, you can take the assistance of a mechanic or get the oil replaced after every 3,000 miles. Depending on preference, people purchase Titanium Strong or Castrol Edge for their vehicles. However, there are many other companies manufacturing this oil and you can check them out.
  • Check your car tire
    Car maintenance is not just about keeping the engine in sound condition. For smooth functioning of the vehicle, you need to take equal car care of every part. When considering about the full maintenance of your vehicle, you should start with the tire, as it is the unit on which the vehicle rests as well as moves. Check the tire pressure regularly and get it corrected when required. In case of leakage, you should make sure to repair the inflated tire at once or else it can damage the rim leading to serious accident. Also it is recommended to rotate the tires of the car at regular intervals. To ensure timely rotation, you can get their position changed when you change the engine oil.
  • Check your air filters
    While the engine, tire, battery or brakes are some of the known parts of automobile, owners should also learn about the maintenance of other intricate parts as well. One of the lesser known yet highly important parts of a car are its air filters. Make sure to check the air filters from time to time and get it replaced when required. Keeping dirty air filters or oil filters will damage the engine by allowing the dusts to enter it. If action is not taken at the right time, your car might experience complete engine failure.
  • Check the brake shoes
    Almost every driver is familiar with the importance of the clutch and brake. Therefore, for smooth functioning of these two, you should get them inspected by a mechanic. Special car care should be given to the brake shoe and you should ensure to get it physically inspected at least once a year. Neglecting the brake shoes will not only increase the risk of accidents but also it will damage the brake rotor, which is quite an expensive part.
  • Learn about the car fluids
    Taking the car to the gas station and refueling it will not serve the purpose if you want to drive without hassles. You should take care of the other liquids as well. Coolant or antifreeze being one of the most important fluids used in automobiles should be refilled from time to time for smooth functioning of the engine. You should also be careful about the transmission fluids, brake fluids and windshield wiper fluids. Ensure to replace them timely and avoid frequent break-down.

Disturbances in the functioning of your vehicle can be controlled with proper car care. However, it cannot be completely avoided. So, you should always keep a spare tire and basic tools handy.

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