Here’s what you need to know about health insurance

Health insurance is one kind of insurance policy that specifically covers the insured’s surgery, hospitalization, and specific medical expenses as per the terms of the policy. Depending on the terms agreed upon, the insurance agency may directly pay the hospital the predetermined percentage of totals costs, with the policyholder being required to pay the rest. Alternatively, some health insurance plans require the insured to first pay the entire expense out of pocket to be reimbursed after filing a claim with the insurance company.

Importance of health insurance
In the present times when surgery, hospitalization and a medical acre is increasingly expensive, putting aside a sum of money every year towards the health insurance premium will go a long way towards covering a significant portion of hospitalization expenses if the need arises.

Getting health insurance quote
Health insurance quotes are widely available online. These avenues of getting health insurance quotes online can give you a clear idea of what to expect regarding annual premiums and what degree of coverage you could expect. Later, based on these initial quotes, you could discuss the details of the policy with a representative of an authorized insurance company so that the terms of the policy are unambiguous.

Can I be denied insurance coverage by the insurance company in case I have a pre-existing health issue?
Until recently insurance agencies could deny coverage for individuals who had stated that they were suffering from a pre-existing chronic health condition. However, under recent amendments to insurance norms, insurance companies have to provide coverage for pre-existing conditions in case hospitalization or surgery is required. In such situations, the premium might be a little higher, and the insurance company may require you to undergo a thorough health exam at intervals. For such individuals with pre-existing health conditions, they could opt for a Pre-existing Condition Insurance Policy, details of which are widely available both online and with insurance companies.

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