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Put your best smile forward with cosmetic dentistry

Are you battling uneven, stained or broken teeth? The perfect solution for all these issues is cosmetic dentistry. Having a beautiful smile can give a good boost to your self-confidence and alter your appearance completely. This treatment is unlike orthodontics that makes use of braces and other devices to align and set the teeth right.

Cosmetic dentistry is different and includes procedures like:

Teeth whitening with the aid of bleach: One can get their teeth whitened either with professional dentistry procedures or custom made home trays. These techniques will ensure that stains caused by tobacco, drinking and coffee are all cleared making your teeth pearly white and lovely to look at.

Lumineers and Veneers: These are thin porcelain shells matching the color of your teeth and can be just fixed to your teeth. This is an ideal solution to repair teeth that have chips, or misshapen and misaligned teeth.

Clear Correct and Invisalign: This technique make use of comfortable, removable and clear aligners that will align and straighten teeth as time goes by. They are ideal to rectify gapped, misaligned and over -crowded teeth. They are a better choice against metal braces as these are discreet, inconspicuous and extremely simple to use.

Bonding: This process makes use of composite resin that matches your tooth color that is normally fixed to the tooth to camouflage tooth flaws. This is normally resorted to repair chips, rough spots or gaps.

Snap on smile: This is a kind of treatment is temporary as well as non-invasive too. This involves a speedy and painless technique to augment your smile. This apparatus is removable and can be just fitted on to the tooth that automatically improves your smile and camouflages all your flaws.

These above-mentioned techniques are all good options if you would like to opt for cosmetic dentistry to beautify your smile and rectify any kind of teeth issues that you are facing.

However, you need to visit a dentist who will be able to gauge your condition perfectly and ascertain whether you are an ideal candidate for any kind of cosmetic dentistry process. These specialized dentists can even provide you with an idea about how your smile will look after the procedure with the aid of a Digital Smile Makeover that will help you take the right decision and clear any doubts you may be harboring.

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