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The world we live in is rather fickle and unpredictable. We never really know what’s going to happen tomorrow or for a matter of fact, even in the next hour. It thus makes sense to ensure we attain some assurance against unforeseeable circumstances. After all, anyone will agree that the world instantly seems like a safer, brighter place to exist in once certain steps are taken to guarantee things like financial safety and security.

Here is where Progressive Insurance steps in!

What is Progressive Insurance?

Progressive Insurance is an insurance firm that was founded in the year 1937. As the name suggests, one of the company’s main policies is to encourage the willingness to learn and grow together for progress. They’re always looking at things and thinking about methods to make it better. The firm is one of the country’s third-largest auto-insurance providers and made the Forbes list for the World’s Largest Public Companies in 2018.

What does Progressive have to offer?

Even though they are known for their vehicle insurance policies, the conglomerate also offers insurance policies on just about anything. From Home and Property to Life — their policies are a veritable umbrella. You can also avail of them through third-party insurers.

  • Property insurance:

The company provides insurance against natural disasters and other misfortunes such as thefts. It extends its coverage to not just homeowners, but also rentals. In fact, if you’re looking for economical home-owners’ appliance insurance, home warranty insurance, online renter’s insurance or just some real cheap homeowner insurance quotes, head over to their website right now.

  • Vehicle insurance:

The company was built to provide an innovative approach to auto insurance and that’s exactly what they did. From land vehicles to water vehicles, two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and even snowmobiles, they have insurance policies for it all. Their website and app even help you get quick vehicle motor insurance quotes on-the-go.

  • Finance:

The company has a comprehensive approach to protecting your financial assets. From car shopping to personal loans, they have your back.

  • Commercial and Personal:

It isn’t just your life and belongings that get protected, your way of life does too. Starting a new firm? They’ve got Business insurance. Want to cover all general liabilities? They have that too. Thinking about insuring your pet in case of an accident? They have Pet insurance. Millions of people suffer from ID theft but don’t worry because they offer protection even for such scenarios!

If you’re still not impressed with this wide range of products, get ready to be blown away because Progressive also offers you bundled services. This means you can get an auto insurance and extend your coverage to other areas such as property. The firm also has a variety of tools and apps to help you.


  • What’s the repair process for a vehicle?

There are two types of claims when it comes to vehicles — damaged vehicles and windshield and glass repairs. While both follow the general idea of submitting a claim and scheduling repairs, when it comes to damaged vehicles there is one more step between the two. Once you submit your claim for a damaged vehicle, there will be an inspection, post which repairs shall take place.

  • How long does a repair take?

The general time for a property repair is estimated between seven to fourteen days post the submission of a claim. But, remember that this number can vary. The amount of time taken for a repair not only depends on the type of product that’s being repaired but also the extent of damage among many other factors. Irrespective, Progressive works as quickly as possible.

  • How do I deal with additional costs on my repairs?

It can get quite stressful when things do not go as planned and the burden doubles when it comes to estimates. Observing additional damages is typical and happens more often than you’d like to think. This is because it’s impossible to see all the damaged parts in the initial stages. In case of any additional damage, the product will be re-inspected, and the estimate will be updated if needed.

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