Important points to consider before doing cloud migration

Businesses across the world are moving to the cloud for obvious reasons but cloud migration is not as easy as it sounds. Small business owners usually take it easy when it comes to migrating to the cloud with their itty bitty data. What they fail to consider at that time is that their business will not always be small and the infrastructure they are moving to might need upgrades sooner than later. There are many such considerations that business owners fail to foresee and even big companies make mistakes with cloud migration. Following is a list of considerations that need to be made before cloud migration in order to avoid wasting time, money and resources on the process.

Resource usage
Every business moving to a cloud needs to first analyze its resource usage and then invest in the cloud. There is no point in investing a huge amount of storage if it is never going to be used and the opposite is true too as buying less for a business that is rapidly growing will lead to waste of investment and repurchase earlier than the budget can allow.

Access mechanisms
Businesses dealing with a huge number of third parties will have to clearly access how the access mechanisms will change after the cloud migration. They have to ensure that the cloud service platform they choose supports all the mechanisms used by their clients/customers, otherwise they stand to lose a lot in the process.

One of the biggest considerations to be made while shifting to the cloud is to carefully assess and implement the security on the cloud because security is one of the major pain areas with cloud computing. Companies dealing with sensitive data might have to set aside extra dollars to ensure data integrity and safety.

IT service team
Hiring a cloud service company for data does not mean that the companies can get completely get rid of the server people. Businesses should always consider having a few numbers of people who can directly deal with the cloud host company and work closely to ensure that company’s rules and regulations related to the data are followed. This consideration will also help companies save a number of hassles when things go wrong.

Application hosting calls for a number of integrations between different applications on the cloud. This fact has to be considered much before cloud migration because it will help decide a number of things like the amount of storage needed and also the type of storage needed for the business.

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