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How much does it cost to repair your broken TV?

Deciding whether to replace or repair your broken TV depends on the severity of the problem. Having a thought to buy a new TV would be an expensive guess though the cost of TVs has dropped in recent times. That does not mean you need to throw good money on a refurbished one. In fact, repairing your broken TV and press ahead despite difficulties isn’t the best option to save money. Repair charges can be high or low depending on the condition of the TV and the TV model. If you feel the repair rates to be expensive or more than 50% of the TV price it is advisable to snap up a new one. Here is a quick guide that talks about the amount you need to spend on your broken TV.

Standard repair cost
Modern LCD TVs are designed to last 40,000 viewing hours that would stay in good working conditions for about 20 years after which it will slowly show signs of common issues like discolor and burn outs. Don’t get confused in choosing the right TV repair station as it is always better to opt for the authorized one. The best buy website charges minimum of $99.99 for the first visit and if your TV is too costly to fix the best buy store provides coupon for 10% off the purchase of a new TV.

Model and size of your TV matter
The cost of TV repairs depends on a number of factors. While the location of the shop and the type of services they provide are the major reasons for expensive repairs, the size and model of the TV is also one of the factors. People repair and re-repair old analog TVs thinking that it is money saving but analog TVs are no power saving device and the you will have to pay heavy as parts are getting harder to come by. TV repair rates hike from 42” models and additional charges are levied on plasma, LCD, or LED models.

Do it yourself
If you can’t get a single service man who does repairs to come to your house, you can try and diagnose the problem yourself. The service men would prefer to take it along with them and charge you extra. Try to identify the problem, and check if there are any loose connections with the wires or fittings to make it work or refer with the user’s manual to do the basic repair without spending money or unnecessary services.

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