Her2 negative breast cancer- Symptoms and treatments explained

Amongst the disease that has plagued the Earth, a majority of them have been eradicated. And, this we owe to the discoveries in medical science. However, there are diseases that still haunt us, since no permanent cure has been found for the same. Cancer is one such disease that cannot be completely cured. 3 out of ten individuals might be suffering from cancer, and they succumb to it if it is not detected in the early stages.

Women too suffer from cancer, mostly breast cancer. 1 out 5 women might have cancer, and the signs if ignored can lead to a lot of suffering, and ultimately death. The most common kind of cancer is Her2 breast cancer, which can either be Her2 positive breast cancer, or Her2 negative breast cancer. If diagnosed with Her2 positive breast cancer when a high quantity of Her2 protein causes the cancer cells in the breast to multiply at an abnormal rate. Whereas, Her2 negative breast cancer is caused when breast cells don’t contain Her2 proteins. Her2 proteins play a major role in repairing your cells and keeping them healthy. The absence of which would prove detrimental in helping your cells heal.

The trick in battling Her2 breast cancer lies in detecting the symptoms at an early stage. Here are some of the common symptoms of Her2 negative breast cancer.

Swelling in the breasts
Notice change in the shape of the breasts
There would be an appearance of rashes or some irritation on the skin
Experience pain in the breast or nipples
Discharge from the nipple, not the breast milk
The appearance of prominent redness or thickness of the nipple or the breast skin

Paying attention to the symptoms and undergoing breast cancer tests is considered a better prevention.

Here are some effective treatment methods for the same:

Hormonal therapy- Many times, the Her2 breast cancer is ER Positive. This treatment involves blocking estrogen in the body since it is responsible for the growth of cancer cells.

Chemotherapy– A chemotherapy with drugs such as taxanes and anthracyclines, are widely-recommended for women diagnosed with Her2 negative breast cancer. In addition to these drugs, platinum-based drugs are also known to help women combat cancer.

Radiotherapy– This treatment is to ensure that cancer doesn’t come back. This is mostly performed after the surgery. Radiotherapy makes use of high-energy rays to destroy cancer cells and help in reducing the pain in different areas of your body, which was inflicted by cancer.

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