Healthy And Appetizing Cat Foods

When you have a cat, you are constantly confused about canned food and dry cat foods. First thing’s first, both of them are nutritionally complete. But you want the best canned food for cats. The main difference between wet and dry food is moisture content, with wet cat food having almost 75 percent water content.

Canned wet food for cats helps develop strong muscles and bones and also reduces the likeliness of diabetes and heart disease. The higher water content of canned food for cats aids digestion provides better hydration and helps in avoiding kidney problems.

You can choose from a wide range of the best canned foods for cats available in the market. The following are some of the best canned foods for cats you may consider buying.

Fancy Feast Classic Adult Cat Food

It is made for adult cats in the age group of one to ten years. Its main ingredients are cod, sole, and shrimp. One can is to be fed per 3.5 pounds of body weight. It contains around 13 percent crude protein and 2 percent crude fat.

Purina Friskies Classic Pate Cat Food

This product comes in numerous flavors like chicken and tuna, country style liver and chicken, mariner’s catch, poultry platter, salmon, mixed grill, ocean whitefish and tuna, and sea captain’s choice. It is suitable for adult cats between the age group of one to ten years. Its primary ingredient is liver. It contains around 10 percent crude protein and 5 percent crude fat.

Purina Friskies Savory Shreds Cat Food

It comes with a classic taste with chicken being the main ingredient in wet gravy. The savory gravy adds moisture and flavor. It has a tender shredded texture. It is made for adult cats in the age group of one to seven years.Adult cats can be fed ¾ to 1 ounce per pound of body weight. It contains around 9 percent crude protein, 2.5 percent crude fat and is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Authority Pate Adult Cat Food

Authority Pate Cat food comes in a variety of flavors like beef, catfish, chicken, ocean fish, turkey, and giblets. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients including taurine and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It contains around 10 percent crude protein and 6.5 percent crude fat. One can is to be fed per 7 pounds of body weight.

Great Choice Pate Adult Cat Food

Great Choice is available in ten flavors, beef and liver, country dinner, turkey and giblets dinner, liver and chicken, mixed grill, mariners catch, seafood, poultry platter, ocean whitefish, tuna, and salmon. The added vitamins and minerals add a nutritional boost to the savory flavors of Great Choice. It contains around 10 percent crude protein, 5 percent crude fat, and 0.5 percent taurine.

Authority Adult Cat Food – Flakes

Authority Flaked Chicken Dinner in Sauce Cat Food features a detectable chicken flavor and a tasty sauce. It is formulated with vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients. It is ideal for adult cats. 1 to 1.5 cans could be fed per 7 pounds of adult body weight per day. It contains approximately 10 percent crude protein, 4 percent crude fat, 0.95 percent omega-6 fatty acids, and 0.15 percent omega-3 fatty acids.

Purina Pro Plan Adult Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan is available in various delicious flavors like beef, carrots and rice, beef and cheese, chicken and pasta, chicken tomato and pasta, chicken and vegetable, salmon and rice, turkey and cheese, turkey and pasta, turkey and vegetable, turkey and rice etc. It is packed with vitamins, minerals and important nutrients to provide a healthy and balanced diet to your cat, along with its appealing flavors. It is ideal for one to ten-year-old adult cats. One can per 2.5 pounds of body weight is the ideal meal quantity. It contains around 10 per crude protein, 2 percent crude fat, and 0.5 percent taurine.

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