Four reasons to buy an iPod touch as well as an iPhone

Most people say that the iPod Touch is the iPhone without the phone. While that may be true, buying an iPod Touch can do wonders and simplify life. The Apple iPod Touch is geared for minimalist users who want to listen to music, play games, have fun, while being ultra-portable.

Most importantly, the sleek lightweight design and portability make it look cool. You don’t need to trudge along a laptop when you’ve got the iPod Touch.

Here are four reasons why you should buy the iPod Touch as well as an iPhone

No Calling Features
The apple iPod Touch doesn’t come with SIM features or calling facility. The fact that it doesn’t come with SIM or network service support means it doesn’t overheat or use most of the laptops resources. Perfect so you don’t pocket-dial anyone while you listen to music on the treadmill. If you ever wanted a gadget that’s handy and minimalist, the iPod Touch is the right call to make.

Longer Battery Life
Longer battery life means you can use it for as long as you want. Since it doesn’t come with calling features, its battery life is dedicated to running apps and media. You can use it for watching movies, playing games, and having fun with the device whenever you want. The iPod Touch will work as a portable entertainment hub whenever you want it to.

Fit In Your Pocket
The iPod touch is sleek and elegantly designed. It offers minimalist features, and you can slip it easily into your pocket and carry it with you whenever you want it. It’s small size and cool designs add to your style. You can utilize it at work, as it comes bundled with word processing applications, note taking features, and spreadsheet support. No more laptops in meetings! Also because it’s not a phone, you can’t be accused of using your phone during work time.

Faster Boot Times
The iPod Touch is designed primarily for entertainment purposes. It is lightweight in features when compared to the iPhone, therefore it has faster boot times. It supports email and connects to WiFi instantly. The web browsing experience is smoother and lag free when compared to other apple products. This is because the hardware has been designed primarily for fast and efficient use. Overall, you will be happy with the iPod Touch if you’re looking for something, quick, minimal, and a portable entertainment hub which you can use wherever you like.

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