Everything you need to know before choosing a rescue dog

Adopting a rescue dog from a shelter is a noble way of giving it a second chance at life. Rescue dogs may include abandoned dogs or dogs that have gone through abuse from their previous owners. Whatever may be the reason for ending up at a shelter, these dogs require a lot of care and attention. Adopting a rescue dog is a major commitment and it requires you to be well prepared for the ensuing responsibilities. Below is a list of things you need to know before choosing a rescue dog.

Decide what type of a dog you and your family would like to bring home. Read about different breeds and become aware of their behavioral traits and characteristics before coming to a decision. Get professional advice from vets or trainers to know more about a particular breed and its requirements.
Meet the workers at rescue shelters to know more about the characteristics of the dogs they are housing.
Don’t make eye contact with any of the dogs in the shelter. Experts advise you to maintain eye contact only when you are trying to get to know each other better.
When you visit a shelter, narrow down on two to three dogs. Request the shelter workers to allow you to take them for a walk. You can learn a lot about the dog’s energy and activity during the time, helping you to get to a decision.
Make sure you choose a dog with an energy level lower than yours or the same as yours. It’s extremely important to ensure that your energy levels are compatible.
Consider choosing middle-aged or older dogs.They are often overlooked when it comes to adoption. Older dogs are usually housebroken and tend to be more calm and well-settled.
If you are looking to bring home a puppy, make sure you are doing so for the right reasons. A lot of people tend to adopt puppies for the novelty of it. However, it is absolutely essential to know that dogs grow out of puppyhood very quickly.
Once you have chosen the rescue dog you wish to adopt, just go the shelter and finish all the formalities. Don’t delay the process and give yourself the time to back out.
Once you have adopted the dog, make sure you have all the essentials in place. You need to have things like a leash, collar, bed, dog food, toys and treats ready at home.
Create a safe and comfortable environment for your rescue dog and practice obedience training to help it develop good behavior.

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