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Everything you need to know about composite decking

A beautiful deck in your house is the perfect place for you to relax during those long summer days. Many of us want to own deckings to decorate our outdoor living space but can be hesitant because of the problems caused by the wood. Wooden decks are prone to attract insects and termites that can affect their durability, not to mention that the splinters can hurt as well.

This is where composite decking comes into the picture. You can enjoy the deck that you have always wanted and not worry about the problems associated with a normal deck.

Why choose composite decking?
There is a wide range of options when you are looking for decking. There are several types of wood that you can use to get your work done. Whether it is redwood, pine, or cedar, you will have to regularly maintain them to keep them in good shape. While some may stay in good condition for extended periods, others may need treatment every two to three years to remain in good shape.

With wooden boards requiring maintenance, there was a need in the market for decking which is easy to maintain and lasts longer than wood. This is when decking boards came in with durable materials like aluminum, vinyl, and even plastic. However, the one that is most popular is composite decking.

What is composite decking?
In this type of decking, plastic and wooden fibers are mixed to form durable decks. Manufacturers also add pigments and preservatives to this mixture. This is then heated and cooled into boards. The resultant board is slightly heavier than wood and is also resistant to stains, rot and doesn’t make splinters.

The color comes from the pigments added to the mixture before heating. This color may fade after a year or two, but you can maintain the color to last up to two years before getting it repainted. The deck needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. It is also recommended that you wash and scrub it with water at least twice a year.

When it comes to decking, composite decking can be a great option as it is both durable and requires little maintenance. However, composite decking pricing will vary across different dealers and the components used in the making of the wood will differ too. It is best that you research to find the best decks at affordable prices to decorate your homes.


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