Essential Samsung appliances available in the market

The term ‘Samsung appliance’ is used collectively for a wide assortment of products ranging from mobile phones to televisions and home theaters to computing and home appliances. The following array of Samsung appliances is offered to the customers for domestic purposes.

  • Refrigerators The bottom right door of the 4 Door Flex refrigerator features a versatile section that can be customized into a fridge or freezer through modification of temperatures as per the requirement. The French door refrigerator boasts of a large capacity so that you don’t have to visit the market often. The Side by Side model is characterized by a showcase where all the items of daily use can be placed.
  • Ranges While the gas range provides the opportunity to heat food items in an even manner, the electric one allows the flexibility to cook on different sized pans. The range microwaves are dual powered for added versatility and efficiency. The ranges backed by electromagnetic induction provide the advantages of magnetic vibrations for high-quality cooking.
  • Wall ovens The wall ovens boast of distinct specifications such as steam technology, smart divider, and analog knobs which help you in cooking food to perfection. You can choose from a list of single ovens, double ovens and microwave combination ovens to bake, roast or cook modern as well as traditional cuisine items.
  • Cooktops The cooktop and hood combo is a typical example of a fine Samsung appliance. Equipped with the latest technology, the hood fan gets automatically activated as soon as the burners of the cooktops are turned on. If you are a tech freak, then you will admire the digital touch control panel of the cooktop.
  • Microwaves If you do not wish to have separate appliances for baking as well as microwaving, over the counter microwaves from Samsung will be your best bet. Similarly, for confined spaces, nothing works better than over the range microwaves from the brand. Multiple dishes can be grilled to perfection using the PowerGrill aspect that roasts the food from outside keeping it juicy and supple inside.
  • Dishwashers The traditional rotary dishwashers from Samsung have been making customers happy ever since they were placed on the shelves of the brand’s exclusive stores for sale. The modern WaterWall dishwashers are more powerful and effortlessly wipe off dirt and grime from utensils.
  • Washers Samsung appliances are known for featuring breakthrough technology which makes them stand out in the field of electronic items. The FlexWash attribute is one such aspect where two separate sets of laundry can be washed simultaneously in the 2 in 1 model. Front load and Top load washers are other models engineered to fulfill varying laundry requirements.

Dryers and vacuums are other Samsung appliances that assist you in keeping your house in order without much difficulty and inconvenience.

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