Counseling for drug and alcohol addiction

Counseling is an important part of many rehab and addiction programs and is seen as an essential component and aspect of treatment for drugs or alcohol addiction. There are many ways in which counsels can approach their work. They see addiction as an illness and approach it in a similar manner. It has to be treated with a combination of techniques and strategies. Counseling is a residential program and they work within a specified framework. This helps a therapist to adapt to the individual needs. A drug addiction rehab may employ counselors from different frameworks in an effort to broaden the skill set of its team.

Education in rehab is a learning process they learn to identify and correct any problematic behaviors. Relapse covers several cognitive-behavioral strategies well as provide help for people who experience a relapse. They are taught to explore negative and positive consequences of continued use of drugs, to monitor situations which lead to drug cravings, and to create and develop strategies to cope and avoid such risky situations. Counseling helps them to see these situations and teaches them skills to effectively cope with it.

The therapist and counselor work as a teacher and a coach so that they can foster a positive relationship with the patient and encourage positive behavior. Their relationship is non-confrontational. They promote the patients’ self-esteem, self-worth, and dignity.

Treatment in addiction programs includes family therapy, group therapy, drug education, and self-help. Therapy is divided into two parts: a supportive technique where the patient feels comfortable talking about personal life and an expressive technique where they identify and work on the interpersonal relationship. They also address issues related to employment, illegal activities, medical, psychological, and social relationship. They present them with short-term goals which the patients can achieve and abstain from drugs.

The therapist’s main aim is to equip the patient to take control of their lives and avoid situations which push them to take drugs. They help them recognize when an urge occurs and change the thoughts and feelings. They are also encouraged to involve the family and friends to help them avoid situations where they are alone and will be pushed to take drugs.

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