Alluring security, navigation, and typing features of BlackBerry mobiles

Smartphones are our closest companions; due to their spectacular features, most smartphones provide tremendous ease in various operations related to communication and accessing a lot of information through the internet. Moreover, excellent apps and games as well are in the offing.

BlackBerry is the brand that is known to bring the e-mails on the phones. Their models are strong competitors against top brands such as HTC and Sony. Another excellent feature of this brand is the keyboard it provides on the phones. While most manufacturers used to provide the “multiple letters on the same number style” keyboards that used to consume more time for typing, BlackBerry had the typical “QWERTY” keyboard on the phones, which is habitual to most people since the invention of typewriters.

Android operating systems power BlackBerry in the smartphones they offer. Thus, there are several fantastic models of BlackBerry Mobiles that combine the advantages of BlackBerry phones and easy navigation and access to millions of apps through Google Play on Android.

  • BlackBerry Classic
    This model has a 3.5-inch square-shaped screen. The 8-megapixel camera brings great picture resolution. This model has an internal storage of 16 GB and 22 hours of battery backup. The fantastic navigation keys and a physical keyboard are some other benefits of this model. There are dedicated keys to start and end calls, and the physical keyboard would allow the users to write faster replies to e-mails according to the priority. This is also loaded with BlackBerry 10 browser that enables faster browsing of users’ favorite sites.
  • BlackBerry Leap
    This model comes with a modern and powerful design. This has 5-inch HD display, 8-megapixel camera, long battery life of 25 hours and storage capacity of 16 GB. This model comes with a great touch keyboard and powered by the unique BlackBerry hub that brings all the messages on one platform. Thus, banking information, confidential work information, and private photos would remain secure.
    This model comes with a BlackBerry touch keyboard. This smart keyboard would learn how the user types and the next word’s suggestions become easier to type in.
  • BlackBerry DTEK 50
    This model is the part of the series of the most secure smartphones. Thus, users can keep their location, personal messages, pictures, and videos secured through the locking system provided by this series of smartphones. This model has a 5.2-inch screen with an excellent-quality display. Furthermore, the buyers would get 2 TB SD card storage support and a 13-megapixel camera that ensures excellent picture resolution. The Android operating system would provide access to various apps on Google Play that would simplify various operations such as secured mobile banking, booking a taxi through popular taxi services like Uber, and allows updating photographs on Instagram.
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