5 comfortable downhill ski boots for you

No matter how experienced you are, a comfortable boot changes everything. Cold, wet and painful feet will ruin a good day. Ill-fitting boots will not transfer the energy to the skis and will, in turn, harm your performance. The latest boots on the market are now designed to be very foot friendly. They have customized liners and heat customizable shells. The following are a few ski gear picks and ski gear reviews for the best downhill ski boots.

  • Lange RX 120: This is for advanced skiers looking for the ultimate in performance. Inspired by their race RS boots, which is seen in the burly 4 buckles, power strap, the Lange is a stiff, and aggressive boot. It makes everyone happy; demanding skiers, racers, serious up comers and just about everyone. The RX adds flair to the downhill performance. It is a real deal if you can afford it since it won’t be found in ski gear clearance sale or under ski gear deals or in end-of-the-season ski gear sales.
  • Tecnica Mach 1 130: These boots are built to match the shape of your foot. They have customized liner and shell and are all-rounders. They have a natural stance, excellent power transfer which no 130 or 120 stiff models can give the Lange RX a run for its money.
  • Salomon X Pro 100: Recent innovation in boot technology has led to advances in safety, heat moldable shell. It gives 90% comfort. This boot is a favorite; it is called a 360-degree custom boot that can be manipulated in all directions. The rest of X Pro has a downhill focus with plush liner, solid support, and smooth flex. This boot is a great choice for advancing intermediate skiers.
  • Dalbello Panterra 130 I.D: This is a great boot for skiers who cover the entire mountain and downhill. This boot is made of a slick 3-piece shell. The lower portion is super stiff for greater transfer of power. The upgraded I.D. liners are comfortable, light, and resistant to packing out.
  • Nordica Speedmachine 100: Nordica boots are famous for comfort, and Speedmachine 100 is no exception. The boot is priced at $400, which is among the higher ski gear prices. It has warm PrimaLoft insulation and offers a fantastic customized fit. The Speedmachine 100 is a great option for lightweight or intermediate skiers. Nordica is a great alternative to Salomon X Pro. Comfort is not an issue with the Speedmachine. These are downhill ski boots where the customized look has appeal for even casual skiers.
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