5 best synthetic oil change products

Motor oil is one of the most essential fluids for an automobile engine. It helps lubricate the pistons and moving parts within the internal combustion unit. Motor oil also reduces friction, controls the wear of parts, maintains a favorable temperature, and increases the lifespan of the engine. An oil change is one of the most important auto services you can avail at your local garage.

Modern day automobiles have oil change indicators that alert you at periodic intervals. It is important that you take your car in for servicing as soon as the system indicates an oil change. You must also check oil levels manually once every month using a dip stick to ensure that the systems are functioning.

You have the option of choosing from conventional and synthetic motor oils, the two distinct types refined from raw crude oil. The synthetic variant has additional fortifications in the formula with synthetic compounds.

Synthetic oil has numerous benefits over conventional oil. The best synthetic oil change will ensure your engine doesn’t cease up in heavy traffic due to friction and maintains optimum temperature throughout thus increasing its efficiency. A favorable viscosity index, chemical stability, shear stability, reduced evaporative loss, resistance to oxidation, thermal breakdown, and sludge resistances all make synthetic oil the best motor lubricant.

Here are five of the best synthetic oil change options for your vehicle.

Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil
A good choice for high-performance automobiles in comparison to some of the best synthetic oil change options. While other motor oils provide lubrication and temperature control, Royal Purple goes the extra mile with better fuel economy. Fuel efficiency is one of the pressing factors that you as an automobile owner will focus on a daily basis. Motor oils help lubricate the components and reduce friction at the same time, increasing the efficiency of the engine output. Fuel efficiency is also beneficial for the environment as the engine burns less fuel thus releasing low levels of CFCs into the atmosphere. Royal Purple synthetic oil is also engineered to prevent corrosion to work well with ethanol and catalytic emission systems.

Mobil 1
For synthetic motor oils, Mobil 1 is a well-known brand in the automobile industry. Excellent lubrication and gear protection are the two main highlights of the synthetic oil that in turn translates into excellent mileage for automobiles. Mobil 1 synthetic oil also reduces sludge and deposit this is a result of oil residue settling in the piston and other moving parts. The deposits can corrode parts and compromise the efficiency. Mobil 1 also prevents oil leaking and protects the engine for an affordable price in comparison to the best synthetic oil change options available in the market.

Liqui Moly Premium
Liqui Moly is one of the motor oils that has a rapid oil delivery potency at low temperatures. Rapid delivery is very useful if you are driving in harsh winter conditions where the temperature drops well below zero and can cause the oil to lose its viscosity. Rapid oil delivery also helps curb ignition problems that are a common nuisance in sub-zero climates and driving conditions. Liqui Moly premium oil is an excellent lubricant that protects your engine and gear system from corrosion, wear and tear, sludge and any deposits that might hamper the piston firing mechanism.

Castrol GTX Magnatec
Castrol is a brand name you can consider among the best synthetic oil change variants available in the market. Ignition is one of the main reasons for engine wear and Castrol GTX Magnatec curbs this problem by ensuring an efficient oil delivery rate for all the moving parts within the internal combustion engine. The synthetic composition of Castrol provides excellent lubrication thus ensuring overall engine performance. Viscosity in terms of reducing resistance is not so favorable in comparison to other major motor oil brands, but overall Castrol is a good option for you to consider for your automobile.

Pennzoil Platinum
The synthetic motor oil provides all in one protection that increases the fuel economy of your vehicle and protects the engine in extreme temperatures. Pennzoil synthetic blend of motor oil lubricates vital components of the engine, allows the pistons to run smoothly, and improves the horsepower of the engine. There are a few drawbacks of the synthetic blend as the motor oil is not suitable for hybrid vehicles and may not be compatible with foreign makes and brands of vehicles.

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