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10 essential bathroom cleaning products for every home

A clean bathroom is not just good-looking, nice to have and pleasant, it’s a vital part of keeping your home hygienic, germ-free and fresh. We love the look of glitzy hotel bathrooms and would love to get that spotless bathroom look at home too.

If you suspect you’re developing signs of bathroom OCD, or you just feel that a squeaky-clean bathroom is a top priority, getting the right bathroom cleaning products is the proper solution.

It’s good to develop a regular bathroom cleaning schedule. Those clean bathrooms you envy don’t happen by magic. It’s a daily chore and has to be done consistently. You don’t have to deep clean a bathroom every day–a quick and unvarying round of wiping down the faucets, mirrors and counter-top, toilet-brushing and wiping the floor can ensure that the bathroom stays dry, clean, and fresh.

Here are the essential bathroom cleaning products you should consider buying in order to keep your bathroom clean.

  • Toilet bowl cleaner and brush
  • Disposable sponges and wipes
  • Strong corrosion-resistant gloves
  • Versatile all-purpose tile and glass cleaning spray
  • Set of small brushes to clean grout, edges, inside the tub, around the faucets
  • Throw-away cotton waste or rags to wipe surfaces dry
  • Environmentally friendly floor cleaners
  • Shower cleaner to get rid of stains from hard water or mineral deposits
  • Hand-held squeegee for walls, showers, and tiles
  • Mildew spray

Other options include a multipurpose steam cleaner that will really do a thorough job.

Bathroom cleaning tips

  • Have the right supplies. Keep them all together in a handy open storage caddy, and refill when you run out.
  • Use a steam mop to get rid of mildew and water stains.
  • Glass shower cabinet walls need regular spray-and-wipe to prevent water, soap and shampoo stains.
  • Use a disinfectant wipe to go over door-handles, flush-buttons, health-faucet, and taps.
  • Use sturdy gloves to protect your hands while cleaning.

How to clean a toilet
It’s simple and just needs to be done consistently. Replace your toilet-brush regularly and don’t use harsh cleaning products. Disposable toilet cleaning kits are available if you need to tackle a serious cleaning problem. Stubborn stains can be removed with a vinegar-baking soda solution or scrubbing with a pumice stone. Spread the cleaning products and let them sit awhile before brushing.

Bathroom cleaning solutions should be chosen carefully. They shouldn’t be too harsh or highly chemical-based. Never use strong acids or metal scouring pads. You should opt for The best bathroom cleaners available on the market. Occasionally, you should also call a professional shower cleaner from a house-cleaning firm to come in and thoroughly clean your bathroom for you.

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